1st BN Logo

1st Battalion Mission

1st IO Battalion deploys trained and ready IO teams to synchronize the employment of information-related capabilities, conduct multi-disciplined IO vulnerability assessments, and provide OPSEC assistance and training


1st Battalion Functions  

  • Deploy in support of unit operation
  • Analyze, assist, and challenge a unit's posture in the Information Environment
  • Participate in unit training and exercises
  • Assist with IO planning from strategic to tactical levels
  • Conduct IO policies, procedures and accreditation review
  • Train and certify OPSEC officers




1st Battalion Points of Contact


  • 1st IO BN S1 (703) 428-4374
  • 1st IO BN S2 (703) 428-4332
  • 1st IO BN S3 (703) 428-4730
  • 1st IO BN S4 (703) 428-4408
  • 1st IO BN HHD (703) 428-4307
  • 1st IO BN SHARP (703) 428-4319/4332

1st Battalion Relocation Information Adobe PDF Document

Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment (HHD)

HHD Mission
Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment (HHD) provides garrison Mission Command, Military Justice, administration, training and logistics in support of 1st Information Operations Battalion Soldiers and Family Members.

HHD Functions

  • Support the Commander's leadership responsibilities for moral, welfare, and discipline
  • Taking care of Soldiers, Civilians, and Families
  • Family Readiness Group and BOSS
  • Command Maintenance Program