Army OPSEC Support Element Overview

The 1st IO Command's Army OPSEC Support Element (OSE) provides support to HQDA DCS, G3/5/7, the proponent responsible for the Army OPSEC program.

The OSE mission is to function on behalf of G3/5/7 as the principle staff element for overall management of the Army OPSEC Program. The OSE is the primary coordinator for the Army OPSEC programs, planning, training, assessments, policy, incident response team, and mission integration throughout the Army.

To learn more about Army OSE capabilities, please visit the 2d Battalion Page.

Army OPSEC Support Element (OSE) Training

Army OPSEC Program Manager / Officer Course:

A three (3) day Level II certification course designed to train appointed OPSECOfficers, Program Managers and relevant personnel in administering the organization’sOPSEC Program and advising the Commander in OPSEC matters. Graduates will be ableto develop and implement a OPSEC Program, IAW AR 530-1 and provide analysis andassessments to the commander, thereby integrating OPSEC into mission planning. TheOSE has Mobile Training Teams (MTT) for onsite certification at the home unit’sor installation’s location, certifying multiple OPSEC Officers (30-35 personnel).The MTT is tailored to the Army organization requesting the course and given by instructors from the OSE.

Army OPSEC Program Manager / Officer Course Student Notebook v17.2 Adobe PDF Document

For additional information on course content and registration procedures, please contact the following:

OSE Training Administrators

COMM: (703) 806-5817
DSN: 656-5817

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To learn more about Army OSE capabilities, please visit the 1st Battalion page.