Overview of the Brigade

The 1st IO Command’s Brigade Staff sections provide specific functions to support our Warfighters and staff to carry out 1st IO Command’s Mission. The CJA (Command Judge Advocate) is the primary legal advisor to the Commander’s legal matters arising within the command. Resource Management provides budgetary support and oversight. Contracting staff is directly responsible for the command’s services contract administration. The Brigade’s S1 through S6 provide support in the areas of personnel, intelligence, operations, logistics and automation or Information Technology.

S1 Brigade Staff Mission

The Brigade S1 advises and assists the Commander in the management of personnel, personnel replacements, discipline, morale and welfare. Develops Military and Civilian programs, policies and procedures to support 1st IO Command’s goals and objectives. Responsible for personnel and administration requirements for the 1st IO Command. Provide recommendation to the Commander in resourcing current manpower requirement and in determining future organizational structure.

S1 Brigade Staff Functions

  • Civilian – Personnel actions, appraisals, awards
  • Personnel Operations – Deployment assistance, manning charts, strength reporting
  • Military – Officer & Enlisted personnel actions, awards, finance actions

S1 Brigade Staff Points of Contact

  • Chief S1: (703) 428-4458
  • Personnel Operations: (703) 428-4801
  • Officer Personnel: (703) 428-4734
  • Enlisted Personnel: (703) 428-4510
  • Civilian Personnel Admin Officer: (703)-428-4408/4319
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S2 Brigade Staff Mission

Provides oversight of the Brigade Command's Personnel Security, Counter Intelligence, Intelligence Support, and Open Source to Intelligence Programs. Perform Staff Assistance Visits to ensure compliance. Ensure intelligence professionals have the proper training and tools/resources to perform their duties.

S2 Brigade Staff Functions

Manage the Commander's PIRs/IRs. Command's Collection Manager. Responsible for monitoring all intelligence productions and dissemination to ARCYBER g2 and other organizations. Identify Intelligence gaps, and develop collection strategies/recommendations as missions dictate. Provide Intelligence Support to Information Operations (IS2IO) for the SOUTHCOM AOR.

S2 Brigade Staff Points of Contact

  • Chief S2: (703) 428-4578
  • Deputy S2: (703) 428-6242
  • Intel Ops Chief: (703) 428-4909
  • Intel Support Element: (703) 428-4619
  • Counter Intelligence: (703) 428-1835
  • Security Manager: (703) 428-5643
  • SSO: (703) 428-5602/5606

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S3 Brigade Staff Mission

1st Information Operations (IO) Command operations staff (S3) serves as the principle staff section for all matters concerning training, operations, plans, force development and modernization. The S3 section is responsible for advising, planning, coordinating and supervising all current and future Command operations to meet Army directed full spectrum IO requirements, and supervising the Commands Embedded IO Planners

S3 Brigade Staff Functions

  • Advise, coordinate, plan, and track all 1st IO Command Missions
  • Augment, when required, deploying IO support teams
  • Work with Army, Joint, and National Organizations / Agencies to integrate IO into operations
  • Assign, manage, and track all 1st IO Command tasks
  • Execute and manage the 1st IO Command Training Program
  • Review IO policies and doctrine
  • Provide Force Management functions for the Command
  • Lead Command planning efforts

S3 Brigade Staff Points of Contact

  • OPS SGM: (703) 428-4683
  • Plans: (703) 428-
  • Current Operations: (703) 428-4650
  • S3X: (703) 664-5470

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S4 Brigade Staff Mission

Enable a ready 1st Information Operations Command by providing and overseeing integrated logistics policies, procurement functions, programs, and plans that enable information operations support throughout the Army and other Military Forces.

S4 Brigade Staff Functions

  • Oversight and enforcement of the Command Supply Discipline Program
  • Property Accountability: monthly hand receipts, cyclic, and sensitive item inventories
  • Process property adjustment documents, equipment receipt and delivery, and warehouse operations
  • Facility Support Operations: submission of facility work orders and office space management

S4 Brigade Staff Points of Contact

  • Chief S4: (703) 428-1294
  • S4 NCOIC: (703) 428-2435
  • Property Book Officer: (703) 428-2363
  • BDE Maintenance Officer: (703) 428-1832
  • Space/Facilities Manager: (703) 428-4408

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S6 Brigade Staff Mission

Manages, plans, coordinates, installs and maintains the communications and automated systems; ensures communications, computers, and data are available to support the worldwide mission of the 1st IO Command; and ensures personnel understand how to operate the technology to meet operational requirements.

S6 Brigade Staff Functions

  • Provide Local Area Network (LAN) connectivity
  • Provide Audio Visual capabilities
  • Provide Computer Systems support
  • Provide Information Technology support

S6 Brigade Staff Points of Contact

  • Help Desk: (571) 515-4000
  • Web Team: (703) 428-4487
  • IA / Cyber Security: (703) 428-4302/4792
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Command Judge Advocate (CJA) Mission

Provide timely, accurate, principled, and candid legal advice to commanders and staff in order to sustain and enhance operations.

CJA Functions

  • Provides legal advice to commanders and staff concerning national security law, administrative law, military justice, contract & fiscal law, and labor law
  • Coordinates planning with technical chains at headquarters exercising administration and operational control
  • Liaises with Offices of Staff Judge Advocates at supporting Garrison and USAR headquarters to coordinate legal actions, and to obtain legal support in military justice
  • Manages the command ethics program and serves as ethics counselor for the command

CJA Points of Contact

  • Command Judge Advocate: (703) 428-4673

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Resource Management (RMO) Mission

Support IO Operations by obtaining and optimizing required resources utilizing fiscal stewardship to ensure ethical, legal, compliance and auditable outcomes.

Resource Management Functions

  • Prepare Operating Budget and Spend Plan
  • Certifying Officials
  • Certifying Officials (CO):  certify availability of funds
  • Manage the Reimbursable Funding Program – “show me the money”
  • Administer the Defense Travel System database
  • Program future year funding requirements
  • Administer the Managers Internal Control Program
  • Maintain the Command’s repository of Inter-Service Support Agreements and ensure annual reviews are completed

Resource Management Points of Contact

  • Resource Management Specialist (DTS & GTCC): (703) 428-4985

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Contract Management (CMO) Mission

Serve as the 1st Information Operations Command Contracting liaison for all procurement requirements, and Government Purchase Cards to ensure acquisition strategies and procurement approaches effectively support Command mission requirements.

Contract Management Functions

  • Manage and provide oversight for all of the Command’s contracting activities
  • Manage the GPC program
  • Financial Management of all contracts
  • Manage Contract Security

Contract Management Points of Contact

  • Chief Contract Management: (703) 428-4395
  • Deputy Contract Management: (703) 428-4743

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Reserve Component Integration Section (RCIS) Mission

The Reserve Component Integration Section (RCIS) provides trained and ready Soldiers in support of 1st IO Command’s global mission to operationally integrate information operations, defend cyberspace and provide reachback planning and analysis for Army and Joint stakeholders.

RCIS Functions

Administrative control of Army Reserve personnel assigned to 1st IO Command.

RCIS Points of Contact

  • RCIS main line: (703) 428-4435
  • Chief: (703) 428-4461
  • RCIS Operation Officer: (703) 428-4431
  • RCIS 1st BN S3: (703) 428-4349
  • RCIS 2nd BN S3: (703) 428-5514
  • Supply NCO: (703) 706-2709
  • Army Reserve Admin: (703) 706-1614
  • RCIS S6: (703) 428-4428

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