S2 Brigade Staff Mission

Provide 1st IO Command and Army/Ground Forces with actionable and tailored intelligence in support of information operations planning and execution.

S2 Brigade Staff Functions

Geographically and functionally focused analytic direct support to 1st IO Command and Army/Ground Force activities to provide the intelligence baseline required to effectively integrate IO into military operations.

  • IO Intelligence Preparation of the Environment
  • Requirements Management
  • Measures of Effectiveness
  • Geo-Spatial Analysis Support
  • Profile and characterize adversary Information Environment
  • Collaborate with national and theater Intelligence organizations
  • Intelligence Support

S2 Brigade Staff Points of Contact

  • Information Management (703) 706-1122
  • Personnel Security (703) 706-1341
  • Counter Intelligence (703) 706-1889
  • Report any suspicious incidents relating to threats to National Security
    Call (703) 805-2542 or 1-800-CALL SPY