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S1 Brigade Staff Mission

Responsible for all force structure, manpower, personnel, and administration requirements for the 1st IO Command.  Provides recommendations to the Commander in resourcing current manpower requirements and in determining future organizational structure.  Advises and assists the Commander in the management of personnel, personnel replacements, discipline, morale and welfare.  Develops personnel and administrative programs, policies, and procedures to support 1st IO Command’s goals and objectives.


S1 Brigade Staff Functions

  • Civilian – actions, appraisals
  • Personnel Ops/Force Structure
  • Military – personnel actions, officer, enlisted

S1 Brigade Staff Points of Contact

  • Officer Personnel (703) 706-1955
  • Enlisted Personnel  (703) 706-1359
  • Military Personnel Actions (703) 706-1482
  • Civilian Personnel Admin Officer
    (703) 706-1809
  • Civilian Personnel (703) 706-2702
  • Personnel Ops (703) 706-1457 
  • Force Structure (703) 706-1412